Approval of TECHSenior

The TECHSenior project was approved in September 2016. The aim of the project is to educate older people to use new technologies in order to improve their standard of living and maintaining their autonomy.

Specifically, people over 55 years will be trained on ICT, such as web banking, online transactions, communicate with friends or family using social media, purchase products through internet such as super market products or tickets for participation in cultural events, make medical appointments through internet etc.

As part of the training programs an electronic «E-learning» platform will be created, which will operate as a continuous feed tool information to older people.

The project will be implemented in European Union countries by the bodies involved in the program. Specifically, the partners involved are:

  • Sosu Aarhus (Denmark)
  • Aarhus Kommune (Denmark)
  • CDEA (Spain)
  • Errotu Taldea S.L.P (Spain)
  • AgeUK BANES (United Kingdom)
  • p-consulting (Greece)
  • KISPE – “FAROS (Greece)
  • EfVET (Belgium)

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