We met in San Sebastian and it was great!

TechSenior Project travelled to San Sebastian, Spain for a Joint Staff Training from 11-17/06/2017.

The co-creation method was the core of the meeting and how the outcomes of it will be implemented for the success of the training of the elders. 5 full fruitful working days passed including thematic visits to Care-Home facilities, meetings with stakeholders and all of the interested parties.

The main results of the meeting were the following:

  • The learning outcomes were determined both for the training the trainers course and for the elder’s course
  • The modules of the course were finalized
  • A draft of the project course was discussed
  • A full understanding of the following project procedure was obtained amongst the partners
  • Certain roles and responsibilities were delivered

During the co-creation procedure, useful feedback was taken into account from target groups and related stakeholders. Specifically, the groups were: less active elders (visitation to the Berio Care Home), more active elders, college students, interested delegates from Intergenerational initiatives team of Donostia Municipality, family members and care workers.

The consortium concluded that the final training curriculum will be finalised the following weeks and then the training platform will be set up. Then the more active elders are going to set fingers on that, for a short pilot course and there we are, launching the training course to public. Stay tuned for the upcoming news of TechSenior!

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