Survey for elders’ use of IT

The survey was conducted in Greece between January and February of 2017. The main purpose of the survey was to identify the needs of the elders in IT technologies and the difficulties that they may face in learning courses and how to overcome these. In addition, assumptions for the training courses and methods that will be applied, were performed.

According to the survey results, the majority of seniors in Greece do not use computer, internet and generally new technologies. The survey indicates that old people in Greece are not properly informed about the benefits that new technology can offer to their lives.

Motivation, and mostly the realization that some of their needs can be satisfied through learning, seems to be a key factor to raise their interest and follow their own rules of memorization.
The best motivational subject for elders, seems to be social media, as the majority of them answered that they would like to communicate with friends or family using social media. The less motivational subject for the elders, seems to be the online shopping.

In the target group of trainers, many of them mentioned the importance of repeating continuously, during the courses, what the elders have learnt. Some mentioned the need to repeat some courses on the whole, other mentioned the importance of making small steps on the learning procedure so that it would be easier for retention. Also, using pictures on the notes that may be given to them, surfing on web pages that are designed for elders at least in the beginning of the courses, contents to be shown slowly or not to require a fast response, are some factors for easier learning.

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